A Gospel-Centered Church in Cypress, TX

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Our mission is to equip a community to worship God and live on mission for the Gospel.

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We are what we love. Ultimately, we are led by what our hearts find most desirable, and so true transformation happens when heart transformation happens. That’s why we worship. When we worship together, God is shaping our hearts and aligning them back to his goodness and his grace.


As our hearts are changed by the beauty of what Jesus has done for us, they are woven together with the hearts of others. Jesus rescues us into a people—into a family. As a community, we live out the commands of Jesus together, demonstrating and declaring the Good News of God’s Kingdom.

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As we follow Jesus, we strive to learn more about what that following ought to look like. But it’s not just learning information—not just informing our heads. It involves shaping our hearts and leading our hands, as well. We want to equip all three: the head, the heart, and the hands. From our Institute program, to other classes and events, we’re committed to equipping our people for the work of ministry.


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