In the history of the church, the season leading up to Christmas is called Advent. The name comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “arrival.” As we celebrate the birth of Jesus—His first arrival—we look forward to his return—His second arrival.

The season of Advent is designed to elicit a hopeful sense of expectation. It brings to bear the brokenness of our world while reminding us that one day that brokenness will be no more. By drawing our hearts back to the birth of our Savior, it brings us a sense of anticipation for the day that he comes back to make all things new.

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We believe that Advent is a season best experienced in the context of family and community. It’s a time for us to remember and celebrate collectively. That’s why we created this guide. Whether you use it as a family or friends or both, it’s designed to lead you in a time of reading, reflection, discussion, and prayer as we journey through the weeks of Advent together.

Everyone knows that Christmastime can be especially busy. And with that busyness can come a myriad of distractions and stressors, each pulling us away from what we truly are celebrating during this time of year. This guide is simply a tool to help keep our hearts and minds set on what’s really important and what makes all of the festivities actually worthwhile.

There is also a music component to each week. Not only do Christmastime and singing go hand-in-hand, but God has ordained singing to be one of the primary ways of tuning our hearts to him and his truths. So you want to keep your attention and affections on the right things this season, sing about them!


We’ve created a Spotify playlist that accompanies the weekly sessions. It’s some of our favorite versions of the songs that correspond with each week. You can find it here.