Kids Point exists simply to teach kids to love and follow Jesus.

We want our kids to know how simple the Gospel is so they can live life with purpose and be a light to others. If we make much of Jesus and teach our kids to do the same, they will have a firm foundation on which to stand.


In Kids Point, our mission is for kids to experience the joy of the Gospel and grow in Christ as they discover truths about God, His Word, His Son, and His Love.

We partner with parents to build a Gospel-centered, spiritual foundation for their children's lives.


  • Biblical, Gospel-Centered Curriculum
  • Scripture-focused small group experience
  • Safe, engaging, and age-appropriate teaching environment

We currently use The Gospel Project Kids curriculum. More information here.

Kids Point serves children from age 2 months to 5th grade.


At Bridge Point, we believe the Bible tells a story—one story. It isn't simply a collection of stories with moral principles, but one great narrative about how God, through Jesus, is bringing healing and redemption to this world. We are dedicated to sharing this story with your kids. Through both the Old and New Testaments, we see glimpses of the person and work of Jesus along the way. The Gospel Project brings this great story to life and shows how the Bible isn't about us, but about Jesus and what he has done on our behalf.

For more on The Gospel Project Kids and the story of God, click here, or watch the video below: